Considering adding security to your Suffolk home?

Then you’ll love this post. Within this post we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about home security and adding items like closed circuit television to your property.

Surveillance by closed-circuit television acts as a deterrent to would-be intruders and if you choose to record the output from your cameras, in the event of a burglary it may help the police to apprehend the perpetrator and recover your stolen property.

Home security systems Suffolk

There are numerous CCTV systems at your disposal, including highly sophisticated equipment primarily designed for protecting commercial premises. You are required to notify the BCO before installing most types of CCTV system, but if you choose one of the relatively inexpensive but effective plug-in DIY kits you can install without notification. However, if a kit that involves fixed wiring and external lighting is installed the system will be notifiable or require a qualified electrician to install. Here’s the low down on DIY security kits and the kind of items that come with them.

Do-it-yourself CCTV kits

Not every CCTV kit contains the same equipment, but illustrated below is a selection of accessories sold for DIY installation. Light fittings are rarely, if ever, included in these kits, but since a great many attempted burglaries occur after dark, it’s hardly worth the expense of installing CCTV unless you are prepared to buy and install compatible security lighting. A monitor is not required, as DIY kits are designed to be connected to ordinary television sets and video-cassette recorders and even via apps on your phone.

Security cameras

Up to four cameras can be connected to the average CCTV system. Black-and-white cameras are the least expensive and tend to give a sharper image in low light levels. Most cam

eras incorporate a microphone, and some have built-in PIR (passive infra-red) movement detectors.

Home security power supply

Power-supply unit

CCTV power-supply units have Power-supply unit built-in 13amp plugs. There are heater elements in the cameras to prevent condensation, so they have to be connected to the electrical supply permanently. Power consumption, however, is negligible.

Distribution Box

This compact unit sends the signals from the camera to your tele

vision set. You can make the connection using phono plugs but a Scart connector is preferable.

Switcher unit

You will only need a switcher unit if you have more than one camera. Connected to the distribution box, it has a socket for each camera input.

VCR Controller - Home security

VCR controller

This device switches on your VCR when a camera detects movement in the vicinity of your house

Audible warning

A buzzer will alert you when a camera picks up a possible intruder, even when your TV set is switched of. The unit, which also includes a small flashing light, plugs into the distribution box.


Special colour-coded multi-core cable transmits the signals from the camera to your TV set. It is supplied in standard lengths, and extension cables are available.

If you are considering adding security to your home and live in the Sudbury, Suffolk area you should give us a call. Particularly if you are looking for something more sophisticated than a DIY kit can provide such as a smart system, external lighting or additional items such as the latest digital cameras and sensing devices.

For more information on home security set ups contact Mr Fix Electrician and call us on 01787 852069.

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