Home Improvement in Sudbury, Suffolk – Here’s everything you ever need to know!

Are you looking to improve the look and feel of your home? Have you been planning a project and are chomping at the bit to get on with that new house project? Then look no further. In this post we will show you how to seek inspiration and help develop your ideas. We’ll detail some of the things that you need to consider ahead of taking on a project or hiring contractors, then how to deal with them and if you need to, how to get the permissions that you may require. We’ll also point you to some of the highest rated workmen in the Sudbury, Suffolk area and make some recommendations on how to get started with your next home improvement project. So.. Shall we get started?

Home Improvement Sudbury Suffolk

Getting Inspired

Perhaps, like most people, you need some inspiration to help you recognise the potential of a room or your future home. To engender some fresh ideas that would improve the house or flat where you live at the moment. There are a great deal of sources that will help you to kick-start your imagination, below is a few of our favourites sources.

Social media

Home Improvement project Sudbury Suffolk
Set up a Pinterest board to inspire you! 

The number one favourite place for us to start is social media in particular, Pinterest. If you are not aware of Pinterest, Pinterest is a social media network where users share inspiration about a whole host of ideas, everything for home improvements to food, the latest fashion to pictures of cute animals. Aside the puppy pics and ever so tasty recipes there is literally millions and millions of pictures of people’s home improvements and projects. To use Pinterest simply set up an account, which as easy as logging in and confirming your email address. Then start searching for things that you like. This could be ‘Home Improvement Projects’ to more specific searches such as ‘bathroom lighting’ or ‘industrial feel kitchens’. Soon enough your feed will be loaded with inspiration and you’ll be able to define exactly what you like by saving your favourite pictures to ‘boards’. Boards that you can set up by room or by the name of the project you have in mind. The great thing about Pinterest is it not only inspires but also helps you to really create views on what you do and do not like. It will really help your project come to life.


Visiting Friends
Don’t underestimate the value of comparing what friends and family have done with their houses, especially your neighbours who may have had to tackle problems identical to your own. You will find that most people are only too happy to talk about how they came to a decision on a particular decorative scheme, or perhaps how they got on with a particular layout. For example, and then consider whether the solution they have come up with would suit your own requirements.

Other places to get inspired in Sudbury, Suffolk:

Planning for People

Try to give function, comfort and appearance equal priority when you are planning your home improvements. The best designers build their concepts around the human frame, using statistics from research into the way people use their domestic and working environments.

Study Anthropometrics
Although human stature varies a great deal, the study of anthropometrics has determined the optimum dimensions of furniture and spaces around it that are required to accommodate people of average build. These conclusions have been adopted by both designers and manufacturers, so that most shop-bough fittings for kitchens, bathrooms and living and dining areas are now built to standardised dimensions.

This is especially true of kitchen units, which are designed for compatibility with appliances such as cookers and fridges to make a scheme that fits together as an integrated, functional whole. The standard worktop height allows fridges, dishwashers and washing machines to fit beneath it, while hobs are designed t be let into the counter top and stand-alone cookers match the height of kitchen base units. Designers adopt the same criteria for other items of furniture: Standard -size chairs, tables and desks allow most people to work and eat comfortably.

An appreciation of anthropometrics cuts down on accidents – for instance, correct instance, correctly positioned shelves and worktops in the kitchen preclude climbing onto a chair to reach a top shelf. It also helps you to choose appropriate furniture around the home, avoiding low level easy chairs and soft beds that offer no support for your back.

Before starting the project for your home, take this into account, scratch down some drawings and make your plans.

Working with Professionals

There are certain jobs it is worth paying to have done quickly and efficiently, some where you have to call in the professional e.g. A qualified electrician to fit bathroom or kitchen electrics, you may prefer to take on the major peripheral labouring works and / or finishing yourself.

Then there are certain skills that require time and practice before you can become really proficient at them. In a house of an average size you might develop a knack of plastering as the work is coming to an end – but you probably won’t need to plaster another wall until you buy your next house.

You need to way up what you can and can’t do to a high standard and what you are and aren’t able to complete from a technical perspective. Consider your time and the cost, as well as any potential delays to the project (and what the knock on’s of those delays may be).

Below we have listed some of the top-rated contractors that are in and around the Sudbury and Suffolk areas. Once you have an idea of what you want and you are confident that you can brief this to these professionals give them a call and start to put together some quotes.

  1. Top rated Architect in Sudbury: Tricker Blackie Associates; 51 Station Rd, Sudbury, Suffolk. Visit website
  2. Top rated Builder in Sudbury: Gainsborough Building Contracts; Stour Valley Business Centre, Brundon Lane, Sudbury Suffolk. Visit website
  3. Top rated Interior Designers in Sudbury: KSL; Churchfield Bus Park, Churchfield Rd, Sudbury, Suffolk. Visit website

Scheduling a major home improvement project

When scheduling a straightforward DIY project there is usually nothing but your own time to consider – the more hours you put in the faster the job is completed. But it’s not quite so simple when you have to employ professionals. Their work has to be coordinated, and quite often a project cannot move forward until a particular specialist has been consulted or the relevant authority has given consent. Each design and building project is different, and tricky planning problems can add weeks to a schedule, so it’s impossible to be precise about how long it should take for each stage of the process to be completed.

  • First there is your own decision process, which you shouldn’t rush under any circumstances. You need to do your research thoroughly before you can brief say an architect.
  • Once the design process is under way, there is bound to be a number of meetings with the architect, who will explain the results of any preliminary surveys undertaken and discuss with you his or her ideas for you building project. You must allow plenty of time for this process – everything that follows hinges on the design being right.
  • Then the process to obtain planning permission and Building Regulations approval begins. At the same time, you need to as suitable builders and tradesmen to submit tenders.
  • Once you have official approval to proceed and you have appraised and accepted the best tender, the builder may need time to engage other contractors before the actual wok on site can begin.
  • From commissioning your architect to design a typical extension to the first day on site is going to take at least 4 to 5 months. Anything more ambitious is going to take considerably longer. What happens after the builder goes on site is difficult to predict.

Here are some other useful places to get inspiration and help you on your home improvement project:

  • Howdens Joinery; Unit 7, 8 Addison Rd, Sudbury Suffolk.
  • B & Q; Woodhall Business Park, Sudbury, Suffolk.
  • Homebase; Waldingfield Rd, Sudbury, Suffolk.
  • Topps Tiles; Shawlands Retail Park, Northern Rd, Sudbury, Suffolk.


Still chomping at the bit to get started? Great. You should be! Your house is more than that, it is your home. Improving the place that you and your family spend so much time should be a goal. Although the process of improving your house can take a lot of time.. And your time! The rewards and outcome can be spectacular.

We hope that you found or guide to improving your home useful and if you have a project in mind make sure that you give us a call.

At Mr Fix Electrician we love working with our customers to improve their homes. Whether large or small your home improvement projects mean a lot to us. We can work alongside you architect or builder, solo or as part of a team.

Mr Fix Electrician, helping customers in and around Sudbury, Suffolk turn their houses into beautiful homes. Do you have a home improvement project in mind or underway? Call us for a no obligation quote on 01787 852069.

Mr Fix Electrician Sudbury Suffolk

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